Buried is a 2015 web-séries written by François Chambard, helped by Quentin Ros and Julie Martin.


Ophélie has a recurrent dream in which she sees a young girl burying a box. As strange as it is, she won't give it too much importance until one day : she meets the girl from her dream. Helped by her friends, Ophélie will try to find the truth behind all this, but the secrets are more complicated than they seemed...


Directed by :

François Chambard


With :

Soline Drouard    (Ophélie)

Morgane Morand    (Aurélie)

Adrien Rosier    (Mattéo)

Floryane Chaix    (Vera)


Coordination :

Clémence Claude


Music :

Chloé Meyer

Emmanuel Cavallo

Céline Hourriez


Guest starring :

Pascal Dugenne

Lucie Colombet

Catherine Plassard
Fabienne Thenon


Set photographer :
Maëlle Canci


©Fc Production

Episode 1




Ophélie, 19, lives alone with her cat while she waits for her parents to come home. On day, during an afternoon with her friends Aurélie and Mattéo, she sees a girl. But not any girl, Ophélie saw her many times before : in a recurrent nightmare...

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Bonus (subs coming soon)


Interview with the cast

Pictures on the set by Maëlle Canci

Special Thanks

Ashley Latour

Elisa Mentrel

Sébastien Lagneau

Audrey Carret

Romane Rolland

Dominique Rosier

Véronique Guénat

Pauline Thiard

Laurence Canci Rodrigo

Elisabeth Tiago

Maëlle Canci

Pascal Drouard

Thérèse Rosier

Louis Rosier

Tommy Gentelet

Leslie-Anne Gentelet

Stéphane Rostand

Jennifer Gentelet

Gilles Chambard

Fabienne Thenon

Jean-François Rosier

Corinne Rosier

Géraldine Valois

Cholé Meyer

Carine Gentelet

Dominique Bernard

Charlène Bernard